What I'm Reading: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

  • Moe Howard & The 3 Stooges by Moe Howard[1]
    It’s really neat to read Moe’s perspective on the history of the Stooges. Recent books on the 3 Stooges seem to put forth a lot of accusations and create a number of scandals regarding their career and the deaths of Curly and Shemp. I’m inclined to believe Moe’s side of the story. Moe actually died in the process of writing this book and it was completed by his daughter. The book is long out of print but can be found used on Amazon and I’m sure there are copies in libraries.
  • A Drive into the Gap by Kevin Guilfoile
    I’m a Field Notes subscriber and this is the book that shipped with the Summer 2012 edition.

  1. I received The 3 Stooges: The Ultimate Collection for my birthday. So great if you are a 3 Stooges fan.  ↩