"Apple's new connector: money pit or investment?"

Cesar Torres has written an article aggregating some of the discussion happening on the Ars Technica forums regarding Apple's new Lightning connector. One of his closing comments:

While Apple is not likely to share exactly why it chose to move to this unique connector at this moment, the OpenForum is a great place to read analysis and speculation on this strategy.

Maybe I'm getting old but $29 for an adapter doesn't seem too bad if you actually need it. Apple has their reasons for making the shift to the new adapter both technically and financially.

If you are spending any time debating or discussing this issue you are wasting precious moments of your life on something meaningless. Move on. It's done. Water under the bridge. If you choose to buy the new iPhone just realize that you will have the added cost of upgrading your accessories. If you don't want to upgrade your accessories don't upgrade your iPhone or switch to another mobile platform. Let go and be happy.