Learning Android? RTFM. Seriously. It's Really Good.

I’m in the process of teaching myself how to develop apps for Android. I’m finding it interesting to see the similarities and differences with iOS development. I’ve grown to be quite fond of Objective-C over the last few years[1] and I’m really not looking forward to coding in Java. With that said, I am happy to be able to put my Java skills to use outside of the classroom. Since I have to use Java I guess my opinion on the language doesn’t really matter[2].

Usually when I learn a new technology I start looking for a good book to get me moving in the right direction. I bought Programming Android a while back on sale from O’Reilly. It’s an OK book but it is a bit dense. Since I already know how to code, somewhat amateurishly, in Java I really just want to jump in and start building apps.

I reluctantly decided to look at the Android developer site and, to my surprise, the tutorials and documentation provided by Google are amazing. I’m currently reading through their documentation and working through their Android training courses and I’m very impressed. My past experiences with developer documentation have been so bad that I never even considered this an option so early in the learning process. I should have looked at these resources earlier.

Google has built some great resources to teach new developers how to create Android apps. Use them. You won’t be sorry. Save yourself some money and skip buying a book.

  1. I wish every language had named method/function parameters.  ↩

  2. If you must know, I think Java is too verbose and very over-engineered. I don’t hate Java but I definitely feel better when it isn’t around.  ↩