My sabbatical is coming to a close and by the middle of next week I will be back to teaching. I've had a lot of time to reflect on the "professional me" over the past few months and I came up with the following guidelines as a reminder of how I want to act at work.

  • Say no! Don't volunteer! Interesting things will find me when the time is right. My focus should be on teaching.
  • Don't reply to emails. If I must reply, keep the response as short as possible.
  • Stay quiet in meetings and only speak if I have something of extremely high value to add to the conversation.
  • Be relaxed.
  • Write code every day.
  • Keep a clean office and rarely work in it. Work at different places around campus, home, Indy Hall, Skylight Coworking, or anywhere that leads to more productivity.

I have a tendacy to get over-involved at work and bring a high level of stress upon myself due to having too much on my plate. When I'm stressed and short for time my teaching suffers as does my ability to continually grow my skills as a coder. Also, the more relaxed I am the more I tend to play music and write songs.

I really want to try and stay focused this semester. Let's see how it goes.