Date-Only Pebble Watch Face

I wanted to take some time to explore the Pebble SDK and so I built a very basic watch face that only displays the date. Since the Pebble makes it easy to scroll through the installed watch faces I thought it made sense to have one that only displayed the date and could be used as a modal view for a time-only watch face. The date-only view is also nice if your day is dragging and you catch yourself constantly looking at the time.

The code itself is very simple and based on the code from one of the default watch faces that come with the device. The real goal for me when building this watch face wasn't learning the SDK but, instead, setting up and testing the development environment. I'm working on a review of my Pebble experience both as a user and a developer that I hope to post soon. I'm also working on another watch face with the goal of digging a bit deeper into the SDK (but not too deep, I've already spent way too much time hacking around with the watch).

Download the watch face pbw file

Source on Github