Lego Duplo Apple Watch Stand

Since the Apple Watch has to be charged every night I figured that using it as a clock on my nightstand would be a good way to get some utility out of the charging process while I sleep.

After messing around with how to best set this I up I searched for Apple Watch stands and found a ton of options that will be shipping soon. Many of these stands are very cool looking but the biggest drawback is that they are all really expensive. While this seems like the perfect time to justify the purchase of a 3D printer I wanted to try and come up with an inexpensive solution. I have already spent enough money on the watch.

After some digging around I was able to replicate The Griffin WatchStand with Lego Duplo blocks and a small amount of 2-sided tape to hold the charger to the angled block at the top of the stand. Since I already owned the blocks this solution cost nothing. I may widen the base and adjust the color scheme a bit but overall this solution has worked well so far.